About Us

Vloggr.com is the first video blog website that gets in the thoughts and minds of leaders in many different career fields about their brand, what makes them successful, what their company looks for in a domain name, defensive registrations and an overall education for our viewers. If you are a startup looking to gain knowledge on how to brand, how to pick a domain, what other domains to purchase and why and many other important questions, you are in the right place. If you are a domain investor looking to gain knowledge on the types of domain names you may want to invest in this is a place for you to learn. Get in the minds of the thought leaders from all across the world. Vloggr.com has a mission to our viewers become more educated on how to brand, how to advertise, how to budget, how to buy the right domain names and why, how to build a website and much more.

The information we provide is general and what has worked for that individual company or person. We make no guarantees that the methods others have used will work for you or your project. We want to help educate four viewers by bringing in leaders to share their experiences and what has worked for that individual or company.

Enjoy the show.
Vloggr Team