Best Companies Who Brand Their Products

Even if you have a small company, it is extremely important to take the time to brand your business. There are many benefits to branding your business and one of the main reasons why you want to do this is because your brand is the way people will view the company. A good brand can promote recognition so you can take your company from being small to becoming a powerhouse. It can help you set yourself apart from your competitors which is extremely important in every market. Your brand can motivate your staff to do better every day while helping you personally connect to your customers. Companies with a strong brand can even charge more for their products because of the recognition. However, creating a strong brand is not just something that happens. It takes a lot of work and it is a consistent effort. These are some of the best companies who have branded their products successfully:

  • Coca-Cola – The Coke brand is one of the most recognizable ones around the world. In fact, it is one of the best selling soft drinks in history. While you may not know all of the soft drinks offered by the company, an ice cold Coca-Cola is unmistakable.
  • Apple and Microsoft – Apple is one of the most recognizable brands in the technology industry and Microsoft, the parent company, is just as well known. When it comes to branding, both companies focus on bringing the latest in technology to the market and this is exactly what people think of when they hear their names.
  • Google – Google is known as one of the most used search engines and that did not happen on accident. Google poised itself in a way that made the name synonymous with a search engine. In fact, for many people, Google is the only search engine. You have likely even heard the brand used as a verb or noun in casual conversation.
  • Disney – Disney is a company known for entertainment and family friendly fun. This company is impressive with its branding because the brand is part of several different categories including consumer products, parks and resorts, and movies and television. However, when someone talks about Disney, there is no confusion around what it is.

These companies are just a few that have mastered branding for their products and company but there are many more in the market today that could be added to the list. They are able to do a lot more in the market because of their brand and can even attribute their success to it.

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