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Have you ever wanted to get inside the minds of some of the most successful people in business? Have you ever found yourself thinking about questions you would love to ask them? Have you ever wanted to find out how they run their business, where they have found success, what they failed at and why? Do you want to know the types of domain names their particular company owns and are currently buying and why they are buying those? This is just a few of the questions we will be asking our guests. Welcome to is a video blog website where our mission is to do a few things. One is to entertain our audience. We will be interviewing some popular business people all over the globe. We want you to be entertained first. Second, we want to help educate our viewers on how our guests have become successful with their current company and past experiences as well. This is where we will do most of our digging. We want to know information that not only domain investors want to know, but also business people in general. We want to provide a domain name and branding approach to our videos to help inform our audience on what types of names they are purchasing, why they are buying those names, how they decide a budget, what is the purpose of those purchases and registrations and more. will also be unique in the fact that we will open the door for our audience to submit questions they would like us to ask of the guest. We will try to give our audience and subscribers a week or two weeks notice and let them aware of the guest coming up. Then subscribers will have a few days to submit questions that I will ask the guest. This is a fun and interactive way for our audience to participate in the interview. This will also make the interview more fun to watch knowing that your question might just make the show. will also take suggestions on who we should have as guests. All you have to do is subscribe. The send us not by using our “contact us page” and submit a name. If you only know the company, we will try to find the right person to interview within that particular company. I also want to note that we will conduct interviews with all types of companies, people and professionals from many different businesses. One week we may try to interview someone at Nike and the next week someone at We will not be sticking to only the domain industry. We want to get inside the minds of several different business verticals and see what they are buying and how they are successful. I would like to personally thank everyone reading this. We will be starting our first series of interviews real soon. Please subscribe so you can keep up. Be sure to follow us on social media. We have a Facebook page, a twitter page and an Instagram page. Be one of the first to like our page! We are looking forward to entertaining you and hoping that our interviews will also educate you and guide you into whatever you want to be.

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