How to Brand Your Business

Starting a business? The following steps will help you brand your business and increase your chances of success.

Understand Your Brand

The first step in branding your business is to understand your brand and define it clearly. Your brand is your reputation–everything customers think and feel when the encounter your business. Knowing who you are, what you want to offer, and how you plan to offer it are all part of branding your business.

Create a Logo

Your logo is a word, picture, or symbol or a combination of these, that connects the minds of the public to your brand. When consumers see your logo they should immediately think of all you represent. Your logo should be easy to understand and make sense to your end user. Keep in mind that simple logos are often more effective than complicated ones.

Create a Tagline

Taglines are short phrases that work similarly to a logo. Famous taglines include Nike’s “Just Do It” and M&M’s “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” A tagline is a way to represent your company and convey to the user in a short message the benefit of using your product or service. It should be something that is easy to remember and fits with your logo and brand.

Install Your Brand

Next you’ll want to get your brand out to the public in emails, cards, social media, websites and even through snail mail. Use your logo and your well defined brand to let people know who you are and what you do.

Be Consistent

Once your brand is out there, be consistent. Consistently deliver and keep giving the same message to the consumer about who you are and what you do. Check frequently to make sure your brand is actually who you are.

As the owner of your company you are responsible for branding your business. Of course you can enlist the help of marketing management and others to help create the representation of your brand, but ultimately your brand is dependent on the consumer and their experience with you. If their experiences with you match who you say you are, your brand will be strengthened by your marketing, including your logo and tagline.

This is why it is so important to clearly define who you are and what you do and then consistently deliver what you say you will. When you establish trust in your brand, you will be able to charge more for your product or service because you will have established a reputation for quality and consistently good service.

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